The Hidden Wiki is the name of several censorship-resistant wikis operating as Tor hidden services that anyone can anonymously edit after registering on the site. The main page serves as a directory of links to other .onion sites.

.onion sites can be accessed only using a special software called “Tor” but not with the normal browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

Tor is a browser that allows users to be anonymous online. Tor browser is an implementation of onion routing, which encrypts and then randomly bounces communications through a network of relays run by volunteers around the globe.

Tor Browser

It hides the original IP address of the user from which they try to access the hidden wiki links by connecting to different nodes at the start. Before accessing the deep web hidden wiki links, take some precautionary steps to avoid trouble while you surf the web.

How to access the Hidden Wiki Links

  • You can’t access the hidden wiki links in a normal browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • But you can access through a special anonymity software tool like Tor, I2P and Freenet.
  • Tor is one of the best private browser among others. You can use them to access the hidden wiki links.
  • You can download Tor browser here.
  • Now, you can access .onion links using a Tor browser.
  • But, you need security and privacy over the internet right? If you need to be anonymity online, then run our recommended VPN service in the background before accessing the wiki links.
  • Don’t ever try to use a free VPN to access the hidden wiki links, it is more dangerous. It won’t provide you any security and privacy on the web.
  • Get a VPN now and Be anonymity online.

If you wanna access the illegal content on the deep web, then hide yourself from the public using a VPN. You will never get busted. Be cautious and Be safe. Think before you do. Get VPN now and access them immediately without any trouble. The links are listed out below. Go ahead.

 Safety Precaution to be taken before accessing the Hidden Wiki Links

You can get more hidden wiki links which are more dangerous and infected in the deep web world. Also, get more deep web links 2017 which is recently updated in the world of darkness. Get access to them too.

Anonymity online

Now,  access the deep web links using Tor browser. Tor provides you protection but that doesn’t provide you enough security on the hidden web, you need extra protection over your identity on the dark world.

You may ask,

  • How to hide my IP address from the public?
  • How can I be anonymous online?
  • What should I do now to protect myself from the threat?
  • How do I get secured online?

For all those queries, you have an answer. It is nothing but a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Using a VPN on your system will let you browse anonymously online. This keeps you protected and safe against all the security threat while you visit the hidden wiki links.

You can’t be safe without VPN. It’s a fact. Get VPN now!

We have mentioned the VPN’s that are been tested online for anonymity and it is proven that they are 100% safe and secured. You can try

We mostly recommend our user to run a premium NordVPN service on their system. It is because they are one of the world’s most advanced VPN service available. If you are not comfortable with this service, you may try other popular VPN’s on the internet.

But don’t ever try to use the hidden wiki links without a VPN service. Because you are accessing more dangerous links on the internet. Using a free VPN doesn’t give you enough security over the internet. So, get a premium VPN now and access the hidden links on the dark web.

Hidden Wiki Links 2017 [Updated]

Erotic 18+ [Uncensored]

  • Darkscandals Site with real Rape, Blackmail and Forced videos (Pack 6 is out since June 15, 2016).
  • Celebrity Fap Collection Nude Pictures and videos of Celebrity’s hacked, found and stolen.

Noncommercial (E)

Commercial (E)

Animal Related


Erotic Hard Candy

Erotic Jailbait


Financial Services

Currencies, banks, money markets, clearing houses, exchangers:

  • The Green Machine! Forum type marketplace with some of the oldest and most experienced vendors around. Get your paypals, CCs, etc, here!!
  • The Paypal Cent Live Paypal accounts with good balances – buy some, and fix your financial situation for awhile.
  • Premium Cards Oldest cc vendor, Top quality Us & Eu credit cards!
  • Euphoric Oblivion Risk Free Pre-Paid cards for sale.
  • DreamWeavers Offering high quality prepaid products for a great deal!
  • Hidden Wallet – Tor Anonymous Hidden Bitcoin Wallet
  • Paypal Baazar – paypal accounts for sale
  • Cash Machine – Phished PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, BoA, Wells fargo bank Accounts, Paysafecard’s, US & EU Credit cards are available here.
  • Shadow Wallet – An Anonymous user Friendly Bitcoin Wallet/Mixer – Highly Regarded Service
  • SOL’s USD Counterfeits – High Quality 20 USD Counterfeit Notes – Trusted Service.
  • OnionWallet – Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet and Bitcoin Laundry.
  • The Queen of Cards – #1 Female Carding Forum for CCs, Pre-Paid, WU, MG, Bank & PayPal Transfers, Since 2011!!
  • Wall Street – Paypal accounts, credit cards, we have everything!!
  • Cheap Euros – 20€ Counterfeit bills. Unbeatable prices!!
  • Paypal-Coins – Buy a paypal account and receive the balance in your bitcoin wallet.
  • EasyCoin – Bitcoin Wallet with free Bitcoin Mixer
  • Bitiply! Multiply Your Bitcoins Through Bitcoin Malleability Exploit!
  • Clone CC Crew – No.1 Trusted onion site for Cloned Credit Card. $2000/$5000 balance available
  • SOL’s Euro Counterfeits – 50€ Counterfeit notes. Quality + Best Prices
  • Double your Bitcoins – Service that doubles your Bitcoins.
  • Credit Cards – Credit Cards, from the most Trusted Vendor in the union.Fast shipping.
  • Your C.Card Shop – Physical credit cards with High balance available to order. Paypal or bitcoins as payment methods.
  • Fake Bills – Fake Euros and dollars. Cheap prices and great quality.
  • Low Balance CC’s Get cheap low balance cards.
  • 7YearsinTibet Fully automated PayPal & Credit card market site. Fresh stock every 2 days. Best deals.
  • USJUD Counterfeits – EUR || USD Counterfeit money, any trusted escrow accepted, the most trusted seller.
  • Skimmed Cards Oldest seller on old HW. Fresh stock. 99.9% safe. Worldwide cashout! Express shipping. Escrow.
  • Guttenbergs Print – Finest USD/EUR bills on market. Passes all known tests. Random serials. Only top-notch currency.
  • Black&White Cards – High Quality Cloned Cards with PIN. Good Customer Service. Best Deals. Cheap Prices.
  • Cash is King – Buy Pre-Shredded USD & EURO Currency for a fraction of the value. #1 Seller in Genuine USD Notes.

Commercial Services

Domain Services

Anonymity & Security

Hosting / Web / File / Image

Blogs / Essays / Wikis

Email / Messaging

See also: The compendium of clear net Email providers.

Social Networks

  • BlackBook – Social media site (The facebook of TOR)
  • Galaxy 2 – A revival of the old Galaxy community.
  • Facebook – The real Facebook’s Onion domain. Claim not to keep logs. Trust them at your peril.
  • Moneybook The darkweb Facebook of money. Now with anon posting.
  • Truth & Light Need help? We are here to help the best we can for anyone in need.

Forums / Boards / Chans

  • The Stock Insiders – How to Beat Wall Street. The community for exchanging Insider Information about the Publicly Traded Companies.
  • Hidden Answers a site for asking questions and receiving answers on Tor.
  • The Intel Exchange – Know or need to know something? Ask and share at this underground intelligence gathering network. (New Board. Much Better) (2013-08-11 UTC Appears that admins have ditched?)
  • Flashlight forum An info beam in the darkweb.
  • Anonymous BBS, gopher interface, telnet interface – Another variation of the talks style of board.
  • InserTor Tor pastebin clone. Create new paste, share code, share news. Public and Private pastes. Create encrypted paste (encrypted button only with java on) or paste with time limit (also burn on reading!)
  • Simple Pastebin – Very simple Tor free Pastebin.

Political Advocacy





Hack, Phreak, Anarchy (internet), Warez, Virus, Crack.

  • HackForum – hacking, malware, carding and more!
  • TCF – Tor Carding Forums + Market.
  • Spartan’s Dark Rift – Hacking, cracking, conspiracy and more plus a nightly deep web crawl and connection test for onion sites. Check out the downloads section for a growing collection of underground docs. (under H/P/A/W/V/C)
  • Encryptor RaaS – Ransomware as a Service.

Audio – Music / Streams

Video – Movies / TV

  • Torflix – Watch Tv series over Tor.
  • FileTor – A Well organized Anime, Movie and TV Show Index.




  • Drug Market Anonymous marketplace for all kinds of drugs
  • Drugs4You – Drugs and Medicines from Germany – Weeds, XTCs, MDMA, Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Speed and a lots more. Medications – Ritalin, Diazepam, Tilidin, Rohypnol, Ketamine, Vicodin, Oxycodone, Tramadol, and a lot more. We ship from Germany.
  • ONION PHARMA – Pharmacy Marketplace. PSY, Stimulants, Opioids, Ecstasy and more…
  • Weed&Co – Weed / Cigarettes … Prix Bas / Low Price … weed cigarette.
  • CannabisUK – UK Wholesale Cannabis Supplier
  • Green Road – the Biggest marketplace with full working escrow.
  • MOM4Europe Mail Order Marijuana – Order organic weed from Netherlands directly from the source.
  • Green Dragon UK – Cannabis tincture, prompt delivery, low prices
  • EuCanna – ‘First Class Cannabis Healthcare’ – Medical Grade Cannabis Buds, Rick Simpson Oil, Ointments, and Creams
  • Peoples Drug Store – The Darkweb’s Best Online Drug Supplier.
  • Smokeables – Finest Organic Cannabis shipped from the USA
  • CannabisUK – UK Wholesale Cannabis Supplier
  • DeDope – German Weed and Hash shop. (Bitcoin)
  • EU Drugstore – Best EU Store Ever
  • BitPharma – EU vendor for cocaine, speed, mdma, psychedelics and subscriptions
  • Brainmagic – Best psychedelii
  • NLGrowers – Coffee Shop grade Cannabis from the netherlands
  • OnionShop – New anonymous and secure marketplace selling drugs, weapons…
  • Drugstore – Marketplace with a wide range of drugs! (escrow)
  • The Pot Shop – Weed and Pot Shop Trading for longer than a year now! (Bitcoin) -UPGRADED DOMAIN-.
  • EU Cocaine – selling Cocaine, Meth and Heroine. (Bitcoin)
  • Weed Store – well-known deep web store selling high-quality weed
  • Steroid King – All the steroids you need. (Bitcoin)
  • Dream Market Anonymous marketplace for all kinds of drugs.
  • Wacky Weed – Hi Quality Green at Wacky Prices



  • VideosME – Webcam videos 18+ only. Caution: Possible scam
  • Cute Sweet Teenies (+18) Come to one of the greatest chan sites. Nude And NN Teen Girls. Caution: Clearnet
  • Madama libreygratis cl 200000+ videos from sites like pornhub, redtube, xhamster, xvideos, etc… And new videos are added hourly!


  • Darkscandals Site with real Rape, Blackmail and Forced videos (Pack 6 is out since June 15, 2016).
  • Celebrity Fap Collection Nude Pictures and videos of Celebrity’s hacked, found and stolen.

Noncommercial (E)

Commercial (E)

Animal Related


  • TelAvivService – Professional anonymous global goods partners.
  • VOR-COM Archive – Archive of the VOR-COM. Contains vore!
  • Madman File Storage Archives of illegal/miscellaneous (censored) files, such as guides for making methamphetamine, suicidal howto’s and more. Anonymous users can submit files. Also a tor link directory. [temporarily down/empty for renovation]


Services that defy categorization, or that have not yet been sorted.

  • noreason – Info and pdf files on weapons, locks, survival, poisons, protesters, how to kill. Hidden Wiki, TorDir, Steal this wiki, Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau mirrors. Guro, dofantasy / Fansadox Collection. Nigger allstardrift on kik
  • Volatile Git – Git hosting provided by Gogs software. Open registration with HTTP/S, GIT, and SSH access over onion and clearnet. Unfortunately, requires JavaScript.
  • IIT Underground – Information on and photos of the steam tunnels and roofs at the Illinois Institute of Technology.


Belarussian / Белорусский

Finnish / Suomi

French / Français

German / Deutsch

Greek / ελληνικά

Italian / Italiano

Japanese / 日本語

Korean / 한국어

Chinese / 中国語

Polish / Polski

  • Cebulka Najstarsze działające polskie forum w sieci Tor. Brak cenzury i moderacji.
  • ToRepublic Forum, market oraz serwer IRC.
  • Torepublic ND Forum, market.
  • Polish Board & Market Forum oraz market (archiwum dostępne tylko do odczytu).
  • Fundacja Panoptykon, clearnet – Strona fundacji przeciwstawiającej się coraz powszechniejszej inwigilacji oraz tendencjom nasilania nadzoru i kontroli nad społeczeństwem.
  • Technodrome Ukryta baza Kranga w sieci Tor! – Blog, katalog stron, WindowsOE, Forum, Shoutbox, Galeria, Aktualności. Kosmiczny przyjaciel ToRepublic.
  • InserTor Pastebin
  • Teczkohen – powrót obrazkowego forum o tematyce stalking
  • Polska Ukryta Wiki – polski odpowiednik THW

Russian / Русский

  • MALINA – RU Торговая площадка и форум.
  • Продажа клонированных карт – Русскоязычный сайт по продаже клонированных карт
  • Financial Hack Group – Продажа клонированных карт (русс.)
  • Зеркало библиотеки Траума – 60GB русских и английских книг. Обложки, поиск и возможность скачивать в форматах FB2, HTML и TXT
  • Флибуста – Библиотека.
  • Веб Хостинг в сети TOR – Apache, PHP5, MySQL, SFTP Access, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.onion Domain, Bitcoin server
  • Russian Road – Торговая площадка для русскоязычных пользователей
  • РосПравосудие – крупнейшая картотека юристов, адвокатов, судей и судебных решений (50+ миллионов документов, 35+ тысяч судей, 65+ тысяч адвокатов, сотни тысяч юристов, прокуроры). «РосПравосудие» – аполитичный и независимый проект.
  • Покупка и продажа биткоинов Анонимная и безопасная покупка и продажа биткоинов.
  • China Cartel – китайский картель. Всегда свежие поставки из Китая: каннабиноиды, MDMA кристаллы, экстази, LSD. Доставка без пересечения границы, есть представители в России, Украине и Казахстане. Автоматическое оформление, оплата и получение заказа. Методы оплаты: Bitcoin, Qiwi, Приват24, наличкой через терминалы.
  • Опасные связи – социальная сеть на русском языке, объединяющая людей неформальных интересов, которые считаются незаконными или аморальными в обществе.
  • A-chan Pусский глубокий веб-чан.
  • Скрытые Ответы Russian Hidden Answers.

Spanish / Español

  • CebollaChan – CebollaChan, el tor-chan en Castellano.
  • MaximaCulpa, Confesa tus pecados / confess your sins
  • TorPez – Foro de seguridad informatica entre otras cosas.
  • Hidden Answers es – Hidden Answers for Spanish-speakers.

Swedish / Svenska

Portuguese / Português